How to Organize Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Imagine a clutter-free space dedicated to luxuriously restful slumber — a room where everything from the scent in the air to the sheets is carefully chosen to enhance feelings of relaxation, peace and (yawn…) sleep. You’ve got the blackout shades, now here are 10 little things, from bedtime rituals to […]

Home need something more? Try mirrors

PEOPLE first saw their reflections in pools of water, streams and rivers. The earliest man-made mirrors were from polished stone made from black volcanic glass and date as far back as 6000 BC. Today of course, mirrors, or as the Victorians called them, looking glasses, are far more than an […]

8 Design Trends Your Clients Will Crave in 2019

Shifting economies, demographics, and land shortages are issues altering how we live and what buyers are looking for in a home. Going smaller has become bigger—a trend Not So Big House author and architect Sarah Susanka first advocated more than 20 years ago. A desire for greater affordability, convenience, healthfulness, sustainability, and […]

17 Pieces That Prove Danish Design Is Cool Again

It’s no secret that here at Clever, we’re obsessed with Danish design. We’ve featured the vibrant Copenhagen homes of designers and tastemakers, and stolen a thing (or five) from their top Instagrammers. And while we may never get the whole color-blocked-interiors thing down (somehow it doesn’t translate in a cramped one-bedroom apartment sigh), we’re happy […]