Doctor gets shock of his life after toll agent deducts Rs 4 lakh instead of Rs 40.

A Mysuru-based doctor got a shock of his life after a toll assistant deducted Rs 4 lakh instead of Rs 40 from his debit card at Gundmi toll gate on the Kochi-Mumbai National Highway near Udupi.
The incident took place late in the night when the doctor, who has been identified as Dr Rao, handed his card at the toll booth to make the transaction. When he checked the receipt he noticed that the person on the toll booth had made an error.
The doctor also recieved a SMS for the transaction from his bank which said Rs 4 lakhs had been debited from his account. When the doctor checked with the tool booth, they reportedly refused to acknowledge their mistake.
The doctor filed a complaint at a nearby police station, after which the toll agents decided to reimburse the money. The toll agents offered to give the doctor a cheque, but the doctor insisted on cash.
The settlement was made at 4 AM in the morning when the collection company of the toll booth decided to hand him the money in cash.

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