Farah Khan reveals a SHOCKING truth about Bollywood award ceremonies

With Oscars 2017 trending all over the social media, everyone is quite excited to be a part of it. Many Bollywood celebrities too are wooting for the Oscars as we have none other than Priyanka Chopra representing India at this honourable gala. But on the same not, choreographer turned director, Farah Khan gave out a shocking truth about the award ceremonies that take place in Bollywood.
The prestigious ceremonies felicitating the work done in Indian Cinema have always been an extravagant affair. The grandeur of these ceremonies is almost equivalent to that of any International award ceremonies. But at the same time, it’s a sad truth that at these ceremonies, the work of Indian Cinema is celebrated and awarded on the basis of popularity and not on the basis of art.
Not just that, Farah Khan recently revealed that the awards are given out to those people who wait till the end of the function and are present in the audience to receive the award.

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