There Are Festivals Celebrated In India You Had No Idea About! Here Are Some Of Them

India is a fruit bowl of diverse culture, traditions, and festivals that make it so interesting as a country. But over the centuries, there are so many traditions dying out, drawing last gasps of breath, and therefore it becomes important for a community or a collective force to come up with an effort to restore them.

At the same time, there is a huddle of festivals celebrated in remote areas of India which no one knows about. Therefore, we decided to list a few festivals celebrated in India’s tiny heart, Madhya Pradesh Tourism which will make you want to go there and get drenched in the colour of festivities:

Lokrang festival

This beautiful festival held in Bhopal aims at restoring the cultural vibe of the city. Professional classical dancers put up an exuberant show, tapping their feet to the melody of folk music. A collection of fans and handicrafts made by the tribal community in Madhya Pradesh is also displayed at the event.

Khajuraho Festival

Spanning over a week, Khajuraho dance festival is the manifestation of India’s different dance forms. The bonanza has a magnificent display of various dance forms such as Kathak, Odissi, Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali and Manipuri. This beautiful festival is celebrated in the month of February-March.


Kumbh Mela

Held four times every twelve years, Khumb mela is specific to few Indian cities i.e. Ujjain, Nashik, Allahabad, and Haridwar. It is celebrated to commemorate the victory of good over evil. A dip in the holy river, Shipra is meant to wash away the evil and begin a cycle of re-birth. Devotees from all over the world attend this festival and it’s held at a high prominence in the Indian culture.

Akhil Bhartiya Kalidas Samaroh

Poets, authors, and storytellers from all over the world come together to celebrate this seven-day event of poetry recitation, cultural performances, and story reading. Sanskrit plays are organised during the kalidas samaroh. Many other plays relating to themes of history, mythology, socio-economic and culture are organized too.


Tansen Samaroh

Celebrated with pomp and grandeur, this 4-day musical extravaganza has artists and music lovers coming from all over the world. It is celebrated every year in December in Behat village of Gwalior district. Performers from all over the world gather here to pay tribute to the Indian Musical Maestro Tansen. The event is organized near the tomb of Tansen by the Government of Madhya Pradesh.


Malwa Utsav

Performers from different parts of the world come together to put up a dazzling show at this event. It’s one of the grandest festivals held in Madhya Pradesh and notable VIPs and celebrities attend the event. The festival also exhibits art and craft materials as well as belongings from ancestral past.


Deepdaan Festival

On the occasion of Diwali, devotees from all over the world arrive at Chitrakoot to take a holy dip in the river Mandakini and perform ‘deep daan’ and ‘parikrama’. Chitrakoot township holds a great significance in mythology as Lord Rama spent a big part of his 14 years of exile here.



Be a part of these glorious festivals in Madhya Pradesh and let the old-age traditions, faith, prayers, and the ancient way of celebration sink you in its pious, raw form. We suggest you visit the place this Diwali, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Kyunki waise bhi, yaha aaoge toh dil toh chod ke hi jaoge!


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