Ever Wondered Why Hindus Perform The ‘Mundan’ Ceremony For Their Babies?

Hindus in India have to follow thousands of traditions from birth to death. In fact, in some families as soon as the kid is born, a panditji is ready to draft his kundali, which reveals a lot about his life and (presumed) life decisions. These traditions are often the result of religious beliefs that many people follow consciously or out of compulsion. One such common tradition that is religiously followed by most Hindus is the mundan ceremony.


Mundan is a ceremony that is associated with the shaving baby’s head before the baby turns three. A puja is performed where a priest shaves off hair from the baby’s head, while the baby sits on his mother’s lap. In some regions, it’s the father of the child who shaves off his hair, and not the priest himself.


The family of the baby, along with their relatives rejoice this holy ceremony which is performed on an auspicious day and at an auspicious time. One the priest or the father shaves the kid’s head, they then wash it with holy water. Post that, a paste of turmeric and sandalwood is applied to the baby’s head as it is believed to cool the head and heal the cuts if any. The shaved hair is then either offered to the family’s deity or to a river.


Some Indians believe that a baby is born with undesirable traits from the past life. Thus, the Mundan ceremony is held in order to get rid of the impurities to have a good future. Ancient scriptures also believed that the benefits of shaving birth hair stimulate proper growth of the brain and nerves. It is also supposed to give freedom from diseases, provide attainment of strength, health and vigor. However, this is just a traditional belief. The real reason is that the natural growth of hair on a baby’s head is uneven. Thus, shaving the head leads to even and healthy growth of hair for the baby.


But some experts believe that this tradition has got nothing to do with hair growth. They have stated that the hair growth depends on the follicle beneath the scalp. Therefore, what you do with the outgrown hair has no effect on the in growth.


Whether you want to believe the traditions or science behind them is your choice, however, if you’re getting it done, we recommend you do it with precaution because you surely don’t want your baby to suffer pain.

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