Girls, carefull of following these common mistakes while you wear leggings

Casual wears are very important parts of life, as our look matters wherever we go. So, in this situations, if you will make any of the decision wrong about your outfit, it will spoil your look. To maintain you perfect look you have to choose one correct outfit and have to carry it properly, so, if you go for leggings just remember these tips before you wear it.

Don’t wear them with crop tops!
Leggings get to stick to your body like a skin thus, wearing crop top will make you feel weird while you walk and you butts bump.

Visible panty lines should be avoided.
When you wear leggings, panty lines are clearly visible out of it, thus choose a long top that can help you out.

Don’t wear leggings that gather at your ankles
If your leggings gather on your ankle then don’t you dare to choose it as your outfit for an event, it would make you look scruffy.

Don’t wear them with tight tops 

Even if you have a toned body, skinned top and legging will not worth your perfect look, better to have a loose one.




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