Heartbreaking Words Of The Sadhwi Who Was Raped By Ram Rahim Singh Raped girl recalled the dark moment.

Wondered how the rapist Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh spent his first night in Rohtak jail? A recent article published on BBC Hindi stated that Ram Rahim is kept in a special cell which has added facilities. He ate daal, roti, nimbu and aam ka achar last night and was wandering around till 12.

While Gurmeet Ram Rahim got to start his jail life, violence that stormed outside by his followers has killed at least 30 people along with some huge structural damages.

Let’s not talk about what’s going on, let’s give some thoughts for those girls who finally got justice after more than a decade.

An open letter a raped sadhwi wrote to then-prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2002 has surfaced on the Internet again, where she expressed how torturous that dark time was, when her own guru raped him. Here is the copy of the letter which I found published on Facebook page Daily Sikh Updates.

Comments that flooded after the letter was posted.

Comments that flooded after the letter was posted.

And since Ram Rahim news has been circulating on the Internet like forest-fire, common people are pouring their aggression, anger, views, opinions through tweets, Facebook posts etc. Take a look at some of them:

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